Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bringing down the house...

I got a sweet call from J-Ham as I was getting on I35 heading south toward home after a long week of work. It was news, rather sad news, that they were assembling yesterday evening (Hawaii time) to strike the Norae Shanty. J-Ham was curious as to what would be a good send off song as they were planning to sing karaoke outside while taking the shanty down. It was a sweet and sad way to hear it was going down.

I could not come up with a good song other than the songs that are always sung in the Norae Shanty (love shack, bohemian rhapsody,etc.) so I threw out The Smiths as I knew Gabe from Papa Lucks would appreciate that. We had a few good Smiths "Rock Blocks" during my short run in HI. I heard from J-Ham that she and Jeff both showed up with their Rock Block shirts on, pretty sweet!

After we hung up I quickly texted back that there should definitely be some Prince, preferably Purple Rain.

Lets hope it all came down easily and nobody got hurt by falling speakers or sharp corrugated metal. To all my HI peeps, I'll be singing one for you tonight. Please send pictures!