Sunday, March 30, 2008

arrival, lots of food, really tired.

Well, after 13 hours of flights and layovers, I finally made it. Sarah had arrived a few hours before me and her and our good friend Jean Pitman were waiting for me in the baggage claim.

The first thing that hit me coming through the tunnel from the plane was the thick humid air. Like August in Minnesota. The second thing was the intense fragrant air, like a bouquet of flowers constantly resting under my nose, but not in an intense, sharp, fake perfume way. More subtle and full. Its just the beginning of what I can only call a two day sensory overload.

Since settling into the guest housing on campus, we've mostly eaten amazing food thanks to Jean and her knowledge of the good food spots. In one and a half days its been a steady course of Japanese-Hawai'ian summer rolls, ahi-tar tar, garlic ahi, Filipino pastries, shrimp truck food, rice cake dessert, korean bbq, shaved ice, and a few ice cold beers.

Today, after getting a campas tour by Jean, we hit the North shore. Jean drove us up in her mid 80's (?) Volvo sedan. Along the way we snacked on some amazing roadside food and stopped at a few scenic overlooks. We stopped at one of the beaches along the north shore, sat out on the beach and swam for a good hour in the ocean. It was pretty busy, full of families and surfers, but overall it was really nice. The temps remained in the mid 80's all day which forced you into the ocean to cool yourself down. It was great watching the waves slowly roll and break. Truly a beautiful way to spend a few hours. My Hawai'ian skin showed its normal rate of transformation as I quickly turned as dark as the locals.

Tonight we are back chilling in the room and trying to stay awake so that we can adjust to the jet lag. Tomorrow I will hook up with Jaimey Hamilton and Wendy Kawabata to look at the materials and trailer options. I hope to have a solid project plan set by the end of tomorrow. Time to get to work!

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