Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Building, day two.

We had a a very productive day today. The shanty is starting to take shape. We went over to Re-use Hawai'i and picked up another large load of materials in Miles little Mazda PU. The place is simply amazing. Its a perfect fit for a project like this. We picked through the raw materials, AJ and Miles worked on cutting up some of the sheet metal, and we found a few sweet frosted basement windows.

After unloading the materials we took a bit of a lunch break at Coffee Line, a great little local spot where the owner (Dennis) offers free lunch to all of the visiting artists for the length of their stay. Today he had some fresh lasagna with a side salad. Simply stated, it was really good comfort food.

We got back to the campus and the work began. Jeff made some great signs to draw student volunteers. Frank Sheriff and AJ helped build the shanty floor and basic foundation. Jean and Sarah stopped in later that afternoon and we worked on some support structures. All in all it was a good day of work and felt like we were able to get a general framework established. Tomorrow we begin working on the walls and in the evening I have my first public lecture at UH.

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