Thursday, April 3, 2008

Day 3: Big Push

It all starts with some breakfast at the CoffeeLine run by our new friend Dennis. He serves free food to all Intersections visiting artists and has done so since the program began. What an incredibly generous and interesting fellow to get to hang out with. A true community leader as well as a great cook.

Here is a great overhead shot from Jean Pitman. Lots of great group work was accomplished including roofing the shanty (I'm way too heavy for this process), adding 80% of the metal siding, the addition of three benches, and a simple ramp. Its really looking like a solid structure.

Here is a detail of Frank and Jeff's sweet sliding door system using parts from exercise equipment and an old door that Jeff and Dan found on the street.

A great shot of the shanty waiting for a test tow.

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Tupelofan said...

that is sweet looking! i love the sliding door action.