Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UH Manoa Shanty Hours

We have reinstalled the Norae Shanty at UH Manoa near Papa Luck's and the Art Department. We have posted some public hours this week. Please stop in to share in a song or two.

Norae Shanty’s

Hours of Operation:

Tues. April 15th 3-5 pm;
Thurs. April 17th 1–2 pm;
Friday April 18th 6-8 pm


jose said...

Foo Foo we miss you, thanks again for keeping us up dated with what is going on there. When are you coming back. Don't forget May Day is Mike's Day so celebrate. Sing a Beatles song for me. Love Jose

hapanine said...

You are the Foo Foo! I miss you guys and return the 25th of April. I am really having a great time and am learning a lot about this magical place. Its also been a really good kick in the butt for me professionally. Anyhow, see you soon Foo Foo!