Saturday, April 19, 2008

Last Norae Night!

Well folks, the Norae Shanty came to a close last evening but I'm proud to say we went out in a momentous way. The shanty started rocking at 5 pm and ended up running until close to midnight. It was not without a few minor bumps (thuds) as the sub woofer fell off a shelf and conked me right on the head. A little blood and a minor scare but I was fine after taking a look at it. Someone said that you have to bleed a little for your art. I did my share last night. In the end a bunch of people stuck around and sang through the night. It was a great close to a really fabulous project.

Thanks again to the UH art faculty and students, the Intersections program, Jean Pitman, and in particular Wendy Kawabata and Jaimey Hamilton for their hard work and guidance.

Shut um down, shut um shut um down.

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