Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Halau Ku Mana School visit

We took the Shanty on a trip to Halau Ku Mana, a local charter school focusing on Hawai'ian culture. Here we met a large group of 6-8 graders and explained the project before starting to sing.

They turned out to be enthusiastic singers and incredibly fun! I wished they had more time to spend in the shanty. This class welcomed me with a traditional Hawai'ian chant which almost brought me to tears. It was so beautiful and moving.

Many had to look on from the outside and wait their turn. They were all very patient and supportive of one another. It was really a great experience. You could tell they had much love and respect for their teachers.

Here are a few of the older 11th grade students during the lunch hour. They really got the shanty rocking. Sometimes high schoolers take a little while to warm up to things that are out of the ordinary. But they were awesome.

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